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Yeast bread and soaker (Oct. 26+27)


2 days | 2×6 hours (estimated) | max. 12 persons | Saturday courses start at 14.00h

Baking bread with a soaker (also known as water roux) brings nothing but good to your organic home-baked bread. The water dissects the starch and adds more taste, a bit of sweetness, and extra color for the crust, since the sugars caramelise. Add to that the fact that your bread is softer and easier tot preserve, and you know why you want to use a soaker. In the baking course we’ll bake yeast bread, and try different types of soaker, as you can vary and experiment by soaking for instance whole grains or seeds.

And since the bakery is on a walking distance from the mill that grinds our organic flour, we can visit that too.